“I did my nursing degree for the purpose of becoming a cosmetic nurse as this is my greatest goal and passion! I have had experience in multiple different facilities and enjoyed many aspects of that field but in the end I couldn’t go against where my passion lies within the cosmetic industry, I love making people feel beautiful and happy and accentuating their already beautiful features.

*I joined CST Direct because I appreciated the level of support and felt that a good teamwork environment, continuous training and learning new techniques is important to me. I could tell that CST Direct makes this a priority.
*I am a single mother of two, a 9 & 10 year old, and they are what drive me to always keep pushing forward, alongside my passion for my work.

*fast facts about me:
-I hate spiders(massive phobia)
-I love Italian food and chocolate
-I’m a Taurus ♉️
-I want to learn Kung fu and 😆
-I’m spiritual and deep and appreciate good conversations about life”

She is experienced in full face & platysma bands anti wrinkle as well as dermal filler in lips & mid face.